A Glimpse at the Average Day

A Glimpse at the Average Day

7:00 am. Agriculture committee meeting to finalize details and volunteers for the upcoming Rural Appreciation Picnic on July 23. Stop to welcome a new business to town, arrive at the Chamber office to address emails, which sometime require some investigation to have an accurate answer. Prepare and mail information to the 2021 Leadership McPherson Class that starts August 4. Contact future facilitators and Leadership Advisory Committee to prepare for the 3-month program. Communicate with Entrepreneurship Loan applicant, gather information and begin the paperwork to help fill the gap on financing a business venture. Participate in a meeting to plan for McPherson’s 150th Celebration in 2022. Give ex-officio report at the Convention and Visitors Bureau board meeting and collaborate on materials and assistance for a group arriving in October.

It’s now 2:15, so I grab a sandwich and head back to the office. While returning phone calls and emails, it’s time to submit articles for the Chamber Business Journal printed in the McPherson Sentinel, start working on the Chamber budget and director’s report. Thank goodness, the women’s trip details have already been completed, the accommodations have been secured for the candidate forums in September and annual Chamber meeting in November. Throughout the day, we also assist callers with current phone numbers or locations of products and services in McPherson and enjoy meeting new residents and providing them with a welcome bag full of goodies and information when they stop by the office.

Better make a note to remember and go by and visit with new leadership at a business. Share new job posting information with Michael to include in the Chamber e-newsletter and online postings and share new community events that I have become aware of with Shirley for the Community Calendar. Call about commercial space available for a business wanting to expand. Verify the next meeting to assist with the Housing Conference in October, visit with GoMcPherson about the Virtual Career Day, and…..oh gosh, is it already way past 5?

I may have gotten a little sidetracked somewhere in that timeframe and started thinking about what topic we should focus on for the next 100 Year History article, who is hosting the next Chamber Connection, or what educational program could we offer our members that would help them navigate areas of concern?

This long rambling summary gives you a glimpse of what a crazy yet amazing and rewarding day I typically have. It can get challenging and hectic, but I love the incredible opportunity to be involved in our blessed community, the programs we do to enhance it, and the support we offer to promote it. The work that we do at the Chamber may not always make the “front page news,” but just know that we try everyday to make a difference.

~ Debbie Hawkinson, Executive Director