Growing Rural Businesses Coming to McPherson

Growing Rural Businesses Coming to McPherson

The McPherson Chamber of Commerce E-Community Loan Program is hosting a “Growing Rural Businesses” 8 week certificate program taught by Wichita State University entrepreneurship experts. Topics are custom made to meet the needs of existing rural business owners who are ready to grow.

The seminar series begins September 15th and is every Thursday evening from 5:30-8:30 p.m. through November 3rd.  The seminars will be held at the ACCK office, 210 S. Main in McPherson.  Participants can sign up for the entire series or choose just the seminars that are of interest to them. Participants will receive a comprehensive practical approach to conducting business along with the resources needed to succeed.  Group discussions lead by facilitators will provide insights on how to approach challenges and solve them effectively.

Cost is $250 for the series. For more information contact Jennifer Burch, McPherson Chamber of Commerce at 620-241-3303 or email

Entrepreneurial Training Seminar McPherson County Line-Up

  1. Entrepreneurial Mindset for Small Businesses – September 15th
    Assessing your entrepreneurial spirit; building a business concept statement and vision.
    Don Hackett:  Family Business Fellow and Associate Professor
  2. Customer Discovery: The Roadmap to a successful Marketing Plan– September 22nd
    Applying market research/market segmentation and building a guerilla marketing plan.
    Chris Broberg; Assistant Professor
  3. Social Media and Search Engine Optimization- September 29th
    Increasing website traffic, building your brand online and optimizing social media.
    Matthew Rupp; CEO Saw Web Marketing
  4. Creating Value for Your Customers– October 6th
    Customer service/consumer behavior, exceeding customer needs before, during and after.
    Don Hackett; Family Business Fellow and Associate Professor
  5. Basic Sales Techniques and Practices for Selling– October 13th
    Selling the concept and the keys of making a sale, identifying a potential customer.
    Don Hackett; Family Business Fellow and Associate Professor
  6. Practical Legal Issues– October 20th
    Improving vendor relationships, negotiations, and contracts for positive (win/win) outcomes.
    Josh Pollack (J.D.) Minter & Pollak Law Firm
  7. Keeping a Financial Focus– October 27th
    Monitoring critical numbers and financial control systems of your business.
    Atul Rai; Associate Professor and Larry Jones Faculty Fellow
  8. Bringing it All Together: Developing an Effective Niche Strategy– November 3rd
    Competitive advantage in the marketplace.
    Jim Wolff; Professor