Kindness Starts With One

Kindness Starts With One

Did you know that February 14-20th is Random Acts of Kindness Week? I’m sure we would all agree that it should be every week, but I’m ready to celebrate!  When I Googled RAK, I found out that there is actually a website with kindness ideas, quotes, kindness calendars and such. On the website it says “Kindness starts with one. One smile. One hug. One cup of coffee. One person…”

Absolutely! The concept of random acts of kindness could encompass thousands of everyday thoughtfulness. It reminded me of an activity during the Leadership McPherson class several years ago which included a big posterboard with the title Acts of Servant Leadership at the top. Everyone in the class was encouraged to write down acts of servant leadership that they had observed and display it on the posterboard. These post-it notes packed a powerful message. The examples of seemingly “little” things began to overflow the board. Many represented something simple like a compliment that lit up someone’s face, or that a co-worker made coffee for the office. Other examples represented something rather grand like someone donating vacation time to a co-worker in need or organizing a blood drive.  “Little” or “big”, these gestures make a huge difference to someone.

These Random Acts of Kindness spoke volumes about serving others. “Leadership is giving.  Leadership is an ethic, a gift of oneself.” -Lee Bolman.

So, what better way to recognize those who are spreading kindness than to share about their RAK for all to appreciate?  During the week of February 14-19th we will be posting community shout-outs of Random Acts of Kindness on the entry wall of the Chamber office. We want to hear what you have observed or what you have been the recipient of. They can be as brief or detailed as you want. Signed or anonymous, and can mention a specific person, organization, or business, or they can be vague.

Call us at 241-3303, drop off your note about a RAK at 306 N. Main, email your message to or FB message us and we will add it to our RAK wall at the Chamber office. Help us fill the wall with Random Acts of Kindness stories to create an uplifting display of our considerate and caring community, and the positive impact that kindness creates.

-Debbie Hawkinson, Executive Director