Leadership McPherson-Growing McPherson’s Network of Experienced Leaders

Leadership McPherson-Growing McPherson’s Network of Experienced Leaders

The McPherson Chamber of Commerce has offered the professional development program since 1982. Leadership in a community is vital to its ongoing success and that is why the Chamber provides it as one of its initiatives. If you want to know more about the 2017 Leadership McPherson, read on.

Q: Who is the ideal participate?
A: Anyone who wants a broader and deeper view and role in our community.

Q: Why should you should participate or support an employee to participate?
A:  The community wins and as an employer, you win. Graduates from Leadership McPherson have a clearer focus on how and where their efforts contribute to McPherson’s success. Making connections to others in the program, employees tend to be more committed to the community they work in and graduate with more confidence and skills that they can utilize in the workplace, home and in the community.

Q: What makes Leadership McPherson different than other programs?
A:  Participants benefit from interactivity, involvement, a large alumni network and the McPherson Chamber’s 34 year experience.

Q: How many are in the class and what is the cost?
A:  There is a minimum class of 12 members and maximum of 16. The cost is a very reasonable, $300 for Chamber investors and $350 for non investors. The tuition covers all expenses – overnight retreat, supplies, meals, etc. There are limited financial assistance available for partial tuition.

Q: What are the expectations of participating?
A:  Your success and that of those learning with you requires complete commitment and participation. We have high expectations of each participant during the class sessions and after the training program. We ask that you make a personal commitment to become involved in your community. You will learn more about yourself and recognize talents, skills and strengths you never new you had. You will discover new traits to celebrate and appreciate in others as well. Together, you will gain more confidence and become empowered. Leadership McPherson program consists of a class reception, a very important required one day and a half overnight retreat, and 8 half day sessions. At the conclusion of your leadership training, as a class you will participate in deciding and executing a class project that benefits the youth of McPherson. The planning and executing of the class project may require time outside of the class sessions. The program runs from April 20-July 26. One excused absence is allowed.

*The 2017 Leadership Class is now full (2/14/17).  Please contact the Chamber office, 306 N. Main or if you would like to be contacted for future class opportunties at 241-3303 or email chamber@mcphersonks.org