Grateful For Those Who Show Up

Grateful For Those Who Show Up

I have had various conversations lately that end up circling back to being grateful for those that show up. Practically everywhere you look these days you will see a “we’re hiring” or “job openings-all shifts.” And yet these businesses are open and putting in extra effort to serve you.

The restaurant staff is explaining to customers that certain meal items are not currently offered because of product availability. This on top of reduced open hours because of a shortage in staffing. As patrons are disappointed with these realities, that are out of the restaurant’s control, did we stop to tell the staff or owner how much we appreciate them for showing up? They need to hear it.

As the school year begins and the teachers head back to their classrooms, imagine their excitement! But is their enthusiasm dimmed a little with apprehension? These new or returning teachers are very likely preparing mentally, to navigate new procedures and possibly frustrated parents, while motivating their students to learn and thrive. As parents and a community, we need to be grateful that they show up. They show up and give 110% effort because they care about our kids. Thank them.

The medical field is another biggie for me. I have friends and family who work at hospitals. They too are working with a shortage of staff. I’m sure everyone has occasionally put in overtime, and that is ok, but imagine doing it all the time. On top of that, they are working with patients who are struggling, families who are upset, and COVID patients who don’t have much chance. This is the reality they endure all the time, yet they show up with hearts heavy, to help save lives and make a difference. Next time, don’t focus on having to wear a mask in the hospital, take the time to tell them they are rock stars!

To all the managers and business owners, appreciate those that show up. I listened to a manager who was dealing with an employee that was “job hopping” to whatever business would pay the most. Before you play the game of raising the wage of someone who is always on the lookout for more (the squeaky wheel), remember the loyal employees who show up. They are your greatest asset.

Our community can be an incredible support system, especially in times of change and uncertainty. I would like to encourage you, every time you interact with others, take a moment to consider the circumstances, have patience for the little inconveniences, and remember to be kind. Be grateful for those with a positive light who show up and make a difference. You are appreciated

~Executive Director, Debbie Hawkinson