Our History is Still Being Written

Our History is Still Being Written

It has been quite interesting to sort through 100 years of board minutes, newspaper clippings and publications and piece together stories or how the Chamber has helped shape many aspects of our community. It is also exciting to know that many of the things put in motion years ago are still making an impact today, or the story is still being written.

As we celebrate 100 years of serving the McPherson community, we know that the accomplishments can’t be credited to the Chamber board or staff, or the volunteers, or stake holders…. the positive impacts we have made through the years have been a result of ALL of us coming together, working toward common goals!

Goals of having a vibrant business community, means businesses promoting businesses, partnerships and initiatives to foster growth, and a community that is intentional in supporting our local businesses, organizations, and each other.

Having a strong and incredible community encompasses everything from career opportunities to beautiful outdoor spaces and amenities for all interests, but even more influential in defining our community is our welcoming attitudes, kind gestures, and our willingness to come together. This is us! This is the common goal of a community that cares.

-Debbie Hawkinson, Executive Director