Outstanding 8th Graders are Honored with OMEGA

Outstanding 8th Graders are Honored with OMEGA

“Goodness is about character, integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people” This quote by Dennis Prager perfectly illustrates the ideals that apply to the OMEGA recipients.

The Outstanding McPherson Eighth Grade Award (OMEGA) was created by the McPherson Chamber of Commerce to recognize 8th graders in McPherson County for making a difference in our community through their courage, compassion, and service. These characteristics are apparent in the good choices they make and how they treat others.

The following McPherson County 8th grade students were nominated by teachers, pastors, neighbors, grandparents, youth leaders and community members who appreciate their compassionate gestures, value their positive attitudes and have noticed how their considerate actions have impacted the lives of all those around them.

We are so proud of these incredible eighth graders and are honored to present the 2021 OMEGA awards to these deserving recipients: Ellie Bower, Landon Schneider, Kimber Schumacher, Dominic Dossett, Ellie Seeger, and Jon Schroeder. Keep reading to learn about the impact they are making in their unique and inspirational way.

Jon Schroeder “Known by his teachers as a person who is not afraid to speak up when one of his classmates needs his support, as well as being a great example of showing compassion and kindness to others, Inman eighth grader Jon Schroeder is a clear choice for the Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award. Jon has overcome some personal challenges and faced many difficulties, but he is always working to make the best of each situation. Despite the overwhelming adversities he has had to face, Jon has consistently been on the Honor Roll throughout his junior high years. Jon is also very involved in school activities – participating in football, track, being the basketball manager, Quiz Bowl, and is active in his church youth group as well.” Thank you, Jon, for setting a good example to others in keeping your head up no matter what challenges you face!

Ellie Bower “When one thinks about courage and what it means to be courageous, Ellie Bower immediately comes to mind. The courage she has demonstrated through this past year has been a beautiful example for those around her and makes her an obvious choice for the Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award. This past year has been a definite challenge for everyone, period! But for this McPherson eighth grader, the year also involved knee surgeries and rehab. This meant quarantines, being isolated from friends and teammates, and going through rehab – all during a time when the whole world had already been turned upside down by a pandemic. Ellie showed incredible strength and courage and despite it all she DID NOT GIVE UP! She persevered!” Thank you, Ellie for showing us what real courage looks like!

Kimber Schumacher “Overcoming obstacles, making the best of a situation, putting others first, putting a smile on someone else’s face – these character traits describe Kimber Schumacher and makes her a perfect choice for the Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award. Due to a broken ankle this school year, McPherson eighth grader Kimber found herself unable to participate in track. Although heartbroken, this did not detour her. Even though she couldn’t participate, Kimber decided she would be a team manager. She decided she would cheer on her teammates and help the coach. Kimber looks for opportunities to put others first. She helped care for a neighbor’s animals and did small chores refusing any payment, helped raise money for local cancer fundraisers and the summer baseball program, and loves helping the younger children in the neighborhood.” Putting others first is a wonderful character trait. Thank you, Kimber for being a great example for us!

Landon Schneider “Courage, compassion, and service sum up who Landon Schneider is. Known for being a genuine servant and leader, this Elyria Christian eighth grader enjoys reaching out and helping those around him. These important character traits Landon demonstrates makes him a deserving choice for the Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award. Going above and beyond to help others is a part of who Landon is. Whether it’s stepping up to help the cleanup crew pick up trash after an event or helping teachers or other students when there is a need – Landon is there!” Thank you, Landon for being a great example of looking beyond ourselves and seeking opportunities to help others!

Ellie Seeger “Demonstrating leadership, learning responsibility, having good communication skills, showing concern for the community, and being willing to serve. These amazing life skills describe Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award recipient Ellie Seeger. As President of her 4-H Club, as well as being very active within the organization in several areas, this Moundridge eighth grader has developed leadership and taken on responsibility skills that will help her far into her future. Ellie strives to learn and is not put off by a challenge. Adapting to situations, thinking outside the box, or seeing a need then stepping up to help – this is just simply something that Ellie does!” Thank you, Ellie for your enthusiasm and desire to serve your community.

Dominic Dossett “Whether the task is easy or difficult, you know that this Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award recipient will give 110% effort! Elyria Christian eighth grader Dominic Dossett is always willing to tackle the situation without complaint and with full effort, working diligently until he has reached completion. If someone needs a job done, Dominic will be quick to offer the manpower needed to finish the job. Dominic’s work ethic is to do his best in all areas – whether it’s school, sports, or a community activity. He is a quiet leader, known to persevere through any situation. His concern for others is evident in how he treats those around him and is always one who steps up to help others.” Thank you, Dominic for your example of perseverance and willingness to help those around you.

Congratulations OMEGA honorees!