What is Leadership McPherson?

What is Leadership McPherson?

Since 1982 the McPherson Chamber of Commerce has offered Leadership McPherson, a community based program. Leadership in a community is vital to its ongoing success and if McPherson is going to continue to be successful in the next century, we have to become a community of leaders at all levels.

Goals of Leadership McPherson:

  • Examine new leadership concepts and their emerging roles in the communities.
  • Recognize, instruct and encourage effective, potential leaders within McPherson and surrounding communities.
  • Discover the concern and opportunities facing the McPherson area.
  • Develop a format for ongoing communication among new and established leaders—network ideas and involvement.
  • Inspire leaders to increase their civic involvement in the local area, use the skills learned in their home, work setting, family and volunteer organizations
  • Create awareness of the importance of the future generations and keeping the McPherson area a great place to live

“Those most connected to their community value their journey as well as their destination. For all the obstacles they face, they derive satisfaction from the people they meet, the challenges they engage, the lessons they learn, and the knowledge that they’re staying true to their beliefs.” –Paul Rogat

Link here for the 2013 Leadership Enrollment, or contact the McPherson Chamber at 620-241-3303 for more details.