When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up

When I grow up, I want to be like the OMEGA honorees! When I read though the inspirational stories about the amazing youth in our community who are making a difference in so many ways, it made my heart happy.  It is such a refreshing reminder about the good-hearted people all around us.

As I sat at Lakeside Park on Wednesday night of May Fete, I appreciated the grandparents who couldn’t wait to watch their special youngster perform. The proud parents who were capturing photos of their shining star on the big stage. And who wouldn’t find joy in watching the little ones in the audience dancing to their own music? It’s a timeless tradition in McPherson where all ages gather to celebrate the blessing of community.

Then there are times that I wonder what the heck. When social media blows up with negativity and hurtful comments from people who wouldn’t want their grandmother to read it. Is their complaining going to make a positive change? Is it something that they are proud to share with their children and grandchildren? Are we headed toward community burn out? Heck NO! There will always be naysayers, but there are sooooo many truly beautiful, positive, inspirational people in our community.

Sometimes it takes the bright light, shining from our youth, to remind us about kindness, about positive actions and how far that beacon of hope can reach. For every negative, there are thousands of compassionate people.  We are a community of dedicated volunteers, of inspirational leaders who collaborate to make improvements, of thoughtful neighbors, of entrepreneurs encouraging others, and a community filled with impressionable littles. We truly have an amazing community, and we need to remember that the next generation is learning from our actions.

Let’s all grow up to be like the Outstanding McPherson area Eighth Grade Award honorees and change lives through our compassionate attitudes and positive actions.

-Debbie Hawkinson, Executive Director