Cashier Job Description

Provides superior customer care and a positive experience for all customers, donors, and other volunteers as they enter to shop, browse and purchase goods.


·         Greet all customers as they enter

·         Process all sales at the register

·         Package all purchases carefully

·         Maintain cash counter area, bags and other supplies

·         In customer absence keep area clean

·         Manager may provide other tasks when slow

Time Commitment

A minimum of 2 hours weekly

Skill Requirements

·         Excellent math skills

·         Interpersonal skills, understanding and inclusiveness of all people

·         Past experience using electronic cash systems, as well as debit/credit systems is helpful but not required

·         Ability to work quickly and accurately with multiple tasks at hand

Supervision and Training

The Store Manager will provide training for this position and will be available for any questions needed during shift

To inquire about this opportunity, contact or 620-245-0122.
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Website ReUse It Center

Believing that God calls us to serve others & save resources, the Center collects new & used building materials & sells them at reasonable prices to the public. The proceeds go to others in need locally & globally. Volunteers are needed when store is open in receiving, cashiering, & helping customers, also to process items when store is closed.